Top 5 marketing hacks to help launch a jewellery business online

Tap into the E-commerce revolution to further branding, promotion and sales of your products

Tap into the E-commerce revolution to further branding, promotion and sales of your products

Jewellery is an ever-growing industry. It has one of the largest market sizes which is projected to reach $266.53 billion by 2027, according to a Jewellery Forecasting report by Fortune Business Insights.

There has been a shift in global trends during the last year in the jewellery industry due to the unending COVID pandemic . With more stores shutting down, many businesses have ventured online, leading to a reimagining of how jewellery can be marketed, displayed and sold. This has also necessitated the implementation of a robust marketing strategy which is imaginative but efficient at the same time.

At this stage, social media outreach, even for old- fashioned jewellers, becomes imperative to establish their brand online. It also helps to profile their inventory and connect with a large number of customers. To summarize, this is a direct means to boost engagement, gain followers and increase sales.

Here are some hacks on how jewellery retailers can successfully take advantage of social media to grow their business online:

1. Research about brand strategies

A deeper dive into competitor’s brand profiles who have a strong digital and social media presence helps you position your brand better and understand what consumers are looking for while introducing your company to the digital world of jewellery. Research brands that share similar values and customer bases to plan your online social media strategy without a complete overhaul of your original brand identity.

2. Design your page and feed well

Nothing beats a well-crafted and branded ecommerce site. Your online jewellery store site should have a user-friendly design, easy ‘add-to-cart’ function, be optimized for all devices, and have integrated analytics to manage data from promotions. In short, it should be navigable for all kinds of customers with different technological capabilities.

However, the quality of your product should be the top-most priority. Categorize your products into new releases, seasonal stock, event-special designs and other divisions for easy access.

Not only do you have to showcase products well, you also must mention the product details, specifications, and add reviews and ratings. This creates an illustrated product catalogue and may help your customers make an informed choice. To top it off, plug in digital marketing in the form of daily posts, videos and interact with customers to accentuate your brand profile across social media platforms and amplify its reach.

3. Highlight the product USP.

Modern jewellery is lightweight and customizable which leads to effective packaging and faster shipping to various parts of the country and even overseas in certain cases. This makes jewellery a convenient ecommerce product and widens the shopping experience for people willing to make high-ticket purchases.

Having said that, it’s important to define your brand and the niche that sets it apart from the rest in the market. Use social media to flesh out your proposition: why customers should buy your jewellery and items. Make sure your expertise and products match the USPs you choose to highlight as redefining your brand identity later can be a difficult and expensive process.

4. Integrate payment option

Payment integrations depend on whether your business is multi or omnichannel. For an omnichannel business, it’s better to merge the online sales with the current Point of Sale(POS) system which also works offline. Most eCommerce sites can integrate with your current POS or create a new one to align the revenues.

Providing a plethora of payment options such as credit and debit card, net banking, Apple pay, Google pay, Paypal, etc. for a purchase works best for customers who often want their payment to be as simple as possible. Make sure that once an order is placed you follow up with customer service and fulfil deliveries as efficiently as possible. A customer with a bad fulfilment experience is unlikely to shop from the same ecommerce site again because of all the options they have.

5. Track the analytics

Follow up your online performance through efficient digital marketing. Use tools like Google Analytics to keep a track of the number and the traffic your page/feed receives . This includes a tally of total page views, unique views, number of active users, recurrent users, landing page exit rates etc. Refer to the dashboard frequently as your key performance indicator and figure out ways to amp up digital footfall to your product site to improve conversions

JewelCounter Online solutions

At JewelCounter, we provide a platform for you to create and curate your own jewellery collection. We take all the headache out of launching an ecommerce site by providing you with a template containing all the best practices mentioned above and many more. This can either replace a website you have already made or work alongside your site to get even more traffic for your company. You can fill up the website with a recommended jewellery collection and develop ads, graphics, videos, blogs, and other content to mold your product's USP and your brand image .

By using the JewelCounter retail platform, you can create a professional brand for your store and grow your business like never before.

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