How to Boost Your Jewellery Ecommerce Conversion

Optimize your sales funnel by improving the key metric, conversion.

How to Boost Your Jewellery Ecommerce Conversion?

Jewellery businesses and stores are going digital with eCommerce and online shopping. But how can eCommerce guarantee that your Jewellery business will continue to get orders and profits in the long term?

That is the reason online brands tend to look at and examine various metrics like sales, traffic, clicks, views, and conversions for analysis.

What Are Conversions?

However, research suggests that jewellery businesses have less than a 1% conversion rate from online portals. These low rates have been attributed to the absence of awareness of conversion rates and the methods to improve them

So, why are conversion rates important?

Conversion rates are important to understand the effort and money you spend on your eCommerce website and marketing campaigns. It shows how your visitors interact on your site, and how you can increase the desired actions from these visitors which will convert into sales and profits.

Conversions are not the only single factor that matters, you need to investigate other metrics like click through rate and overall budget as well. However, driving conversion rates is the key to successful campaigns

Here are some highlights of different ways to improve conversion rates from your online jewellery eCommerce system and how to improve conversions and consequently sales

Create a Unique Original Brand Persona:

Presenting original and relevant information about the jewellery collections you offer on your website will engage the audience and convince them to be your customers. Adding detailed descriptions of the products and services along with creating a good FAQ section in your portal will help your customers understand your brand better and help them feel more comfortable engaging with you.

Additionally, if you design a beautiful layout showing your unique brand persona, and display vibrant HD  of the jewellery collections, it will convince the visitors about your quality and persuade them to buy from you repeatedly.

Ensure the Site Is Always Running:

Ensure that your website is always active and operative because frequent crashes and downtimes will hinder your online sales and force jewellery buyers to visit your rival's website and buy their products.

Convenient and Easy to Use Interface:

The best way to improve conversion rates is by designing an easy-to-use website interface. There is now a whole industry based around this, you may have heard of UI/UX. Researchers say online customers do not like shopping sites with poor browsing experiences.They do not want to browse through a maze of catalogues, products, shopping options and shopping carts. Often when the UI/UX is poor, the customers come to the site but do not buy anything because of the confusing or unappealing setup, this directly leads to a lower conversion rate.

Manifest Trust:

An essential aspect to get more conversions and online sales is by establishing trust with your customers. Since jewellery is a luxury item, consumers need proof of trustworthiness while shopping from your website. Display authentic security options on your website. Also, post genuine reviews from your customers and partners on the product pages to establish trust with customers.

Create Urgency :

By creating a sense of urgency among the viewers, you can motivate customers to buy products from your website. It is achieved by applying a simple trick. If your website shows that a certain product is quickly being sold off the shelves, the people who view this message will experience a sense of urgency.

He must either purchase this product or risk losing it to the other guy. It also points out the popularity of the product and thereby gives him the confidence to make the right decision of buying it.

Countdown Timer:

The countdown timer is a simple trick to encourage users to make purchases more quickly. It will inform customers that they have to place the order within a fixed amount of time if they want their delivery within a certain number of days. The fixed time window draws the attention of the customers and urges them to quickly order their products before it gets sold out, this way you can utilize the buyers desire of instant gratification to improve the sales and conversions.

Customer Service:

Every customer has concerns about security, queries, and returns. Therefore, communicating with them and resolving their issues is extremely important. Make sure you provide precise guidelines on how to reach you. Providing a live chat, email or call option to address their customer care queries is recommended.

These are some techniques to improve your jewellery eCommerce system. Along with some actionable changes and an improved interface, you will get an immediate increase in conversion rates from your online Jewellery portal.

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